Grass Fed Beef $145 Box

From: $145.00 / month

*May include: 6 lb. Ground, 4 lb. roast, 4 lb. steak

All our boxes include cuts from our grass fed, grass finished American Aberdeen beef. Refer to our blog for more detailed information about American Aberdeen’s.


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*Beef Roasts:
All grass fed roasts are American Aberdeen Beef.

American Aberdeen have up to 30% more ribeye per 100 pound carcass weight, unlike other breeds. Great for grilling.

A very special cut from our American Aberdeens. Each amazing filet gives mouth watering f goodness and tenderness in each bite!

Our grass fed ground also comes from our American Aberdeens. Your burgers will be juicer without all the fat. Amazing yumminess in each bite!

*N.Y. Strip:
These amazing cuts of meat also come from our American Aberdeen beef. Each strip has amazing flavor and goodness.

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