July 19, 2020 I had a birthday!! WOW what a year it’s been for me but also for my human family! We have all grown ALOT- – -me physically (you should see how big I’ve gotten) and my humans in every area of their lives. Let me share with you the things I have LEARNED and some things I LIKE!

I LIKE my name

I have LEARNED to come to my name- Reese

I really LIKE my treats

I have LEARNED to eat yummy grass and hay

I have LEARNED to stay inside the fence because it keeps me safe

I LIKE when my human family bring friends to see me and pet me

I LIKE being a calf but I’m growing into a heifer (more about that later)


One of the most exciting things that has happened is we have BABIES here at Barbour Farms!! Now I get to be like the BIG SISTER or older cousin to all these babies, 8 and 3 more on the way!
Remember how I said earlier I like being a calf, but I’m growing into a heifer? In cow terms, when I’m a baby I’m called a calf, as I get older (turning 1 year old) I’m called a heifer (a teenage cow)This is when I’m growing and preparing to be a mama cow someday! So I’m watching my mama Grace really close to see how to be a good mama myself one day! I also watch all the other mama cows here in my cow family to see how to be the very best mama cow I can possibly be WHEN the time is right! ( y’all be the first ones to know when that is)


In the meantime I spend my days:

Soaking in the sun

Sipping on water

Sleeping in the shade

Snacking on hay


AS FOR MY HUMAN FAMILY their garden is growing and producing. They are canning and processing. Life is always busy here at Barbour Farms, something new and exciting every day. Make plans to come SEE ME, TOUR OUR GARDEN, and CAMP ON OUR FARM!

See you SOON!


“Here I am with some of my family and friends, I’m the 4th one in from the left. See how much I’ve grown!!😊”

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