Hello, Friends!

 WOW!! What an amazing few months I have been having!! I got to experience snow for the first time, it was soooo AMAZING!! My   Mama Grace has been taking really good care of me and I’ve been enjoying all the wonderful haylage that Mr. Jim brings us! I’m really growing a lot and have been able to enjoy lots of games, like hide and seek in the hayring, tag with my family, and ring around the pasture!! My Mama has had to explain some hard lessons as well, things like, why do our friends get sick and sometimes die, no matter how hard my human family tried, one of my little bull-friends got really sick and didn’t come back to the pasture, Mama Grace explained how sometimes things happen and no matter what our loving human family does, our Creator has other plans. That’s a lot for a little calf like me to understand, but I trust my Mama, my human family, and our Creator so even if I don’t always understand, I can still trust!

So I have celebrated my FIRST Thanksgiving, my FIRST Christmas, my FIRST New Year, and my FIRST Valentine’s Day! The past 2 weeks has been ESPECIALLY EXCITING, I have 3, YES THREE new friends born this past 2 weeks!! I now have 2 heifer(girl)friends, and a new bull-friend to play with! We have been having sooo much fun, running around the pasture and enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine! Mama Grace says there will be even MORE little babies born in the coming months, so even more friends to play with and teach how to have fun here on Barbour Farms! Mrs. Kim & Mr. Jim have taken lots and lots of pictures so be looking in coming blogs for the pictures of all my new friends! And with spring sooo close, why not take a drive to the country and come and see me and ALL my cow friends and human family! Barbour Farms is a FUN place to visit & spend some time enjoying nature! So until next time, spend time with the ones you love and like me ENJOY LIFE!!


Thanks for making me feel so special!

Till next time,


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