Hello dear friends,

Trusting your winter has been healthy and happy! We here at Barbour Farms are soooo very excited for Spring! As I’ve mentioned in a former blog, we have so many exciting changes happening here at Barbour Farms. Let me share a few of them with you now:

1. With Spring right around the corner this means spring plowing and planting preparing for the summer’s growth and the fall’s harvest.

2. We will be planting over 30 varieties of veggies and fruits this summer. We will begin them in the greenhouse and transfer them to the field so we can have an earlier first crop.

3. We are offering CSA’s this summer. What is a CSA you might ask? Community Supported Agriculture- – -where we offer our community an opportunity to get up close and be involved in the planting, caring for, and picking of the crop so they can take it home with them and enjoy fresh, organic produce that they had a part in making happen! We have over 20 families who will be joining us this year on the farm to plant & pick their own veggies. If you have any questions about CSA’s or have an interest in being a part of our CSA family, please contact us and we can give you the details.

4. With all the amazing veggies we will be growing and harvesting we will also be offering “Canning/Processing” classes. If you would be interested in taking one or all of the classes, please drop us a note and let us know and we will give you details! 

We have begun our calving season as well, so far we have had 4 calves with another 11 to be born in the coming months- – Reese is VERY EXCITED to have some new friends to play with so hop on over to her page, “Raising Reese” and check out her blog. 

Another very exciting addition to our Barbour Farms family here are a couple of donkeys, I’ll let Reese introduce you to them in a future blog!

We are also opening our “Country Vacation Rental” this summer. We are turning our rustic farmhouse into a vacation rental so families. couples, or individuals can come to the country, enjoy the fresh air, fresh veggies, and maybe even some fresh calves to cuddle! Many more details on that in coming blogs!

On a final note, with all the craziness of this Cornona Virus, may I encourage us all to be calm, be dilligent, be prepared, and be positive. We have weathered many storms as a nation in the past and I believe we will weather this as well. As we weather this present storm, lets try to pull together and help out our neighbors. We here at Barbour Farms know as with our crops and animals, we can only do so much to protect and provide for them, and we need to trust our Father in Heaven, so with this storm we are dealing with as a nation, God has a plan & He will bring us all through, we are choosing to trust & praise Him for the victory He will give for His glory! 

So my friends, until next time remember to spend time with those you love and make a point to be present in every moment!



Speaker for the Barbour Bunch!

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