Driving down the road you see black cows in the field, you assume they are angus. From that distance you would probably not know the difference, but to walk up to these wonderfully natured animals and realize they are about bellybutton high, you know they are something different. The American Aberdeen Breed started in Australia and the very first animals came to the United States in the 1990’s. American Aberdeen are by far more grass fed conversion efficient than other beef breeds. They have up to 30% more ribeye per 100 pound of carcass weight. They are very easy calvers, they consume 1/3 less water, and put almost twice as many animals on the same acreage as full size beef. More pounds of retail meat from 2 smaller animals than one large one and you get twice as many calves. That is a Win, Win, Win! These incredibly docile animals have a finer textured meat and marble very well on just grass fed.

Our American Aberdeen’s are DNA tested full bloods tracing back to the original Australian lines. We currently have a number of offspring (Reese being one of them) sired by Brambletye Quartermaster who was the very first bull registered in this country. He was at the time the Australian National Champion Bull and through AI (artificial insemination) and frozen semen we have some amazing seed stock animals from a champion bull who has been gone for many years. Our goal is to have an American Aberdeen herd with the best genetics we can find. We are enjoying these amazing animals and will look forward to sharing more about them and how we started our Aberdeen journey with you in the future.

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