Hello, Friends!

My name is Reese and I’m a full blood American Aberdeen! I was born on July 19, 2019 at Barbour Farms!

My human family are Jim and Kim Barbour along with Jim, Heather, James, Kiley, Lynndee, and Mollie!

I am so excited I get to have my own blog to share with you, from my perspective what goes on here at my home!

My mama is LE BAF YELLOW HORNET- – -my human family call her GRACE. My daddy is QUARTERMASTER Did you know he was the VERY FIRST bull to come from Australia to the United States back in the 1990’s!!!! Isn’t that exciting?! Well enough about them for now, we can talk more about them in future blogs!

Now, I’m just a baby and I haven’t been here for very long but so far I have had so many exciting adventures! So many firsts for me, like my first sunrise and sunset. My first “bull friend” Barrett, we spend lots of time just laying in the pasture enjoying the sunshine and talking about what we want to do when we grow up!! But my VERY MOST FAVORITEST ADVENTURE so far was the Harford Fair!!!! Me and mama Grace spent a WHOLE week there.  I got to walk around a room with my human family Lynndee while mama Grace walked with James, we won a blue ribbon!! Then I got to walk around all by myself with James and we got a blue ribbon too!! It was sooo exciting! Then my mama won her class and received a really big ribbon! Maybe some day I’ll win one of those too! Some of my cow family went with us, Barrett was there too and we met A LOT of people! I had my picture taken with lots and lots of people, it was so much fun!! People gave me lots of love! There were people that had NEVER seen a cow before pet me and gave me lots of cuddles! There were little boys and girls that came back again and again to give me more cuddles! There were grandmas and grandpas that talked about when they lived on a farm and cuddled me! I made so many friends and so many memories!

I’ll keep telling you about all my adventures next time!

Thanks for making me feel so special!

Till next time,


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